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Optimised repeatability
Skilled personnel, quality system, stencil design, laser system, quality assurance and logistics are the basement elements of our customer order fulfilment process. We think that customers have rights to expect that mutually set quality targets will be reached order by order even with in 24 hours delivery time without extra costs. That’s the target we have been aiming since we started stencil production. That’s why we have done actions to increase production process capability to make all manual stencil production phases like after-treatment unnecessary.

Highest capacity with all geometrics
Sincotron Stencil OÜ has chosen the fastest available laser system. This laser gives us with any shape of aperture at approximately three times higher speed than previous systems, producing up to 50,000 apertures per hour, that’s nearly 14 per second. This speed can be reached by using newest beam moving system, which has distinct advantages in dynamics, speed and precision over even the latest state of the art X, Y table systems.

Preventing stencil warping
A common problem in stencil manufacture is distortion or warping of the metal. This wrapping is caused by the thermal influence of the laser beam. Especially on thin foils with a high number of small apertures. We have eliminated this effect in two ways. The first one is the laser system which is using pulse shaping method and the second one is oxygen which is used as a cutting gas. Due to oxygen the burning process is better and thus allows us to reduce laser beam power approximately 50 % lower than without oxygen.


No after-treatment
With new cutting method used together with oxygen delivers burr free apertures regardless of the size or quantity of apertures. In this way we are able to reach needed stencil surface quality without any after-treatment. There is already customers who don’t accept stencils for products with fine pitch components if used cutting gas is something else than oxygen.

Quality assurance
All stencils will be scanned against order fails and will be delivered with quality report. From quality report customer is able to see measured placing and size deviations of apertures in micrometers. Missing apertures this will be detected also by scanning and stencils with missing apertures will never be delivered. The minimum resolution of this scanner is one micrometer.

Quality System
We have started the quality system project. The target is to have quality system according ISO 9001:2000-stantard certified in the year 2011.


Stencil AOI

Stencil AOI

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