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Dispensing: Camalot

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Dispensing: Camalot



Performance, Flexibility, Value

The Camalot FX-D is a cost-effective dispensing system that features a unique "plug and play" design.

Available as a stand alone or in-line system, its wide array of available options can be easily configured in the field, even the conveyor. Flexibility, performance and value make the FX-D an ideal solution for manufacturers who demand an accurate, cost-effective machine that can meet the challenging process requirements of today….and tomorrow.

  • Configurable with the award winning SmartStream® non-contact dispense technology

  • Fast and accurate gantry system utilizing precision ball screws, provides fast, user-friendly program creation and changeover

  • Industry-proven dispense pumps with closed-loop DC servomotors

  • 508mm x 508mm dispense area

  • Dual mode weight scale and patented weigh process

  • Benchmark software, a Windows® based operating system, provides fast, user-friendly program creation and changeover

  • Advanced vision algorithms for edge detection

  • Quick and easy access to all assemblies for maintenance and troubleshooting

  • For in-line applications, "pipeline" conveyor mode reduces handling time up to 50% by transferring products in parallel

  • Automatic needle/nozzle cleaning

  • Tool free product changeover Speedline



Higher Performance, Lower Cost of Ownership

The Camalot Prodigy dispensing system employs breakthrough innovations to enable higher processing speeds, more precise dispense accuracies, and tighter tolerances. Prodigy is a new platform, equipped with a state-of-the-art X Y gantry system that is at the heart of this next generation dispenser. Linear drive technology, refined motion control architecture, and a rigid, innovative frame design enable fast point-to-point moves at 1.5g of acceleration. Prodigy offers an impressive XY dot placement accuracy of +/-35 microns @ 3 sigma at full system speed for an unmatched level of performance.

  • NanoShot™ revolutionary new pump - up to 600 Hz cycle rate, capable of dot sizes < 300 microns. Fully software controlled, no manual adjustments!

  • Enhanced automatic vision for both fiducial alignment and manual teaching of programs

  • Powerful Benchmark 8.0 software, a Windows®-based operating system with user-friendly GUI offers precise control of the process.

  • Closed-loop controls facilitate "hands off" setup and provide a continuous means of monitoring and maintaining tight process parameters.

  • Configurable with the award winning SmartStream® non-contact dispense technology.

  • Independent dual head configurability allows dispensing of two different materials within one process with a single height measurement.

  • Synchronous dual head dispense mode operates two independent heads simultaneously and can reduce cycle time by up to 50% for symmetrical dispense applications.

  • Parts handling system allows up to 2 conveyors with 3 staging zones.

  • Designed for easy upgrades and serviceability. Open access to all internal systems from front and back.

  • Innovative board staging option can double the dispense area in the X direction, allowing product of >900mm to be processed.