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SPEA’s new flying probe range. Ready to amaze. Once again.

SPEA new product range

Test time reduction up to 70%. Integration of advanced smart functions. Enhanced accuracy and diagnostic capability. Unprecedented expandability. These are just a few of the advantages offered by the revolutionary SPEA flying probers. 4060, 4030, 4020: Three systems to offer the best in terms of cost of test, ease of use, productivity and test coverage.
SPEA 3030

Spea 3030 new
3030 Inline in circuit

SPEA 3030, Compact, Multimode, Inline

The SPEA 3030 is the latest development in the area of pin bed testers. Not only does it optimally satisfy today’s requirements, but is ideally matched for future challenges. Using the newest technology, the system is based on an open and modular hardware and software concept. Special processors enable the simultaneous execution of different test procedures and thus save valuable testing time.

The SPEA 3030 tester family shows its class using innovative hardware and software architecture. The consistent modularity makes possible the easy, subsequent expansion of the test with other modules. The minimized footprint saves valuable space and the tester can be completely flexibly configured according to the individual requirements and can also be easily expanded onsite for increasing demands.

Test Performance
All three types of tester guarantee the efficient execution of parametric in-circuit tests and cluster and function tests in all areas. Parallel testing is also available in all expansion stages which makes the simultaneous testing of several assemblies possible. This saves testing time – in particular for the panel test. The tester provides excellent signal quality as all testing points channels and all stimuli and measuring modules are directly connected to the system interface, i.e. there are no cables connected in between them.

Leonardo System Software
SPEA has developed a completely new type of and innovative system software with Leonardo. It is based on an intuitive, object-oriented graphical interface using which test programs are generated quickly, easily and practically automatically.

Test Program Creation & Debugging

Creating the test program only requires a few hours and contains all the necessary tests for ensuring the quality of the product. In doing so, Leonardo generates the test program automatically based on the CAD data. All common CAD data formats are recognized by the software and imported automatically – a matter of a few minutes. Both the CAD as well as the parts list data can be linked to customer-specific reference number databases. Library models support the generation of parametric and dynamic assembly tests.
User-specific modifications or enhancements are made during the debugging. Numerous functions also simplify and optimize the process here. A constantly growing accompanying expert system supports the operator and as well as an extensive library it provides valuable tips and solution suggestions.
Leonardo links all databases with each other so that the user always has access to all necessary data without time-intensive switching between databases or views. This comprises direct access to circuit diagrams, parts lists, layouts, network plans etc. During consideration of a specific component, this is automatically marked in all available lists and views. The user changes between the various assembly diagrams without leaving the current view or level.

For further information: Pekka Hilden
mobile: +358 400 594 599
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SPEA 3030 Vacuum Adapter

SPEA 4040

Productivity Defeats the Cost of Testing!
Spea 4040_Multimode Flying Prope Test System
Spea 4040 Multimode Flying Prope Test System

The 4040 Multimode has been developed to guarantee the highest levels of test productivity which enable it to test high production volumetoo. It is possible to reduce test development time, and the necessary number of work stations, thanks to its characteristics:
Speed and Precision for testing
The 4040 Multimode is the most versatile flying prober, ideal for testing
high production volume, prototypes and new designs, thanks to its test and movimentation high speed.
Fast Programming Speed
The software allows generation of a test program within a few hours
automatically, using only CAD data. A known good board is not required.
Using CAD data, test coverage reports provide an accurate report of
what is being tested and how it is tested.
Multifunctional Testing
The 4040 Multimode allows the implementation of multiple testing
techniques: such as parametric testing, functional, optical testing, Boundary Scan, and OBP using UUT side connectors.
Reduction of Workstations
Diverse types of tests can be performed in a single session, without the need for edicated equipment.
With the 4040 Multimode high productivity is achieved thereby reducing the cost of testing.

Features & Benefits

Overall contact of both sides of the board (top and bottom) Full accesibility of the card. Increase in productivity Complete set of instruments It is possible to configure the system with any instrumentation
to adapt it to the requirements of the boards to be tested Ultra fast Linear Motors with Magnetic bearings
The linear motor technology guarantees high productivity thanks to high speed. The positioning precision of the
probes is guaranteed every time. Not having wear and tear mechanical parts, calibration is not necessary
Linear optical encoders on every XYZ axes with 1.2 micron resolution
High precision and repeatability of probe positioning, which allows the contact on the pins of ultra fine pitch components
Large test area up to 686x610 mm (27x24’’)
Single Boards – or Board Panels – with large dimensions Up to 4 cameras (2 top + 2 bottom) for optical test
Optical test concurrent to the electrical test

Spea 4040