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Wiper paper


"Edson Electronics Ltd are Europe's premier manufacturer of Wiper Paper for the Electronics Industry. We can offer three weights, 41gsm, 50gsm and 68gsm, of high quality material that are designed to provide optimum cleaning performance. We are able to offer a full range of Rolls, MPM, DEK, Ekra, SM Tech, Panasonic, DIMA, as well as Bespoke Rolls tailored for an individual companies needs. Our premises stock large volumes of both finished rolls and raw material in a range of sizes that mean turnaround from order to despatch is kept to an absolute minimum."


"Edson Electronics Ltd offer a highly effective ESD Epoxy Floor Paint, Electroguard E30. E30 is a simple to apply and long lasting product that grounds personnel against the dangers of Electrostatic Discharge. Edson have supplied E30 all over the world into manufacturing facilities such as Coca Cola, Dell Computers, Wolfson Electronics plc and the Royal Ordnance."

EDS floor

ATM Cleaning
Stencils paper

"Edson Electronics Ltd offer a full range of Foam Cleaning Swabs suitable for precision cleaning. These swabs are used to clean delicate components, Digital Printers, Computer Keyboards, Signs, Camera's, ATM Machines etc"

"Edson Electronics Ltd offer a new and simpler method of supporting PCB's as they go through the population process. The Gel Support Bars give reduced changeover times, greater positioning flexibility, zero board and component damage and no board vibration. These bars offer a major step forward in this field"

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