What if I told you that you could get all of the benefits of buying a new car without having to pay the new car price? You’d probably think that was too good to be true; however, it’s not when you buy a certified remanufactured machine from Broome Engineering – it’s like buying a new machine, but at a much more attractive price point!

Who is Broome?

Broome Engineering is a division of Universal Instruments which is dedicated to providing the highest quality electronics assembly equipment and accessories, and the only source for Universal-Certified remanufactured equipment!

We are solely focused on delivering a lower cost alternative that preserves the highest quality standards while delivering you a “like NEW” buyer experience.

Why would you buy a machine from Broome?


A good second-user machine can solve your manufacturing challenges at a lower than new cost.
And compared to new equipment that may have a comparable price tag, the second-user option will likely offer higher performance and capability for your money.


But wait. . . Broome doesn’t just remanufacture machines. They offer something for everyone:

            Choices are always a GOOD thing to HAVE

They buy and sell equipment

Trade-in programs

Head and Camera rebuilds/repairs

Upgrades & retrofits


Competitive conversions

Hard-to-find spare parts

Machine rentals and bridge solutions


Getting to “Like New”

Broome equipment is not simply refurbished, it’s comprehensively remanufactured!

Let’s take a look at the steps in the remanufacturing process:

  • Machines are torn down to frames and castings, discarding virtually every wearable part

  • Frames and covers are professionally cleaned and painted

  • Machine is re-assembled and upgraded with original parts and latest software revision

  • Typical part replacements: tooling, chains, spindles, nozzles, bearings, belts, clutches, cameras

  • Full quality assurance process, that parallels a new machine, ensures the performance meets or exceeds original specifications. The machine is then qualified as Universal-Certified.

  • We provide full documentation, parts and labor warranty, and an installation and startup services package with every sale!



Broome Engineering Manufacturing Snapshot

         We strive to keep our Customer’s Happy!

We support you through all phases of your purchasing process to continue that like “NEW” buying experience.

  • After the sale, we will work with you to ensure smooth install and delivery of  your  system, or integration of a single machine into an existing line.
  •  Our training center offers a variety of courses that can be taught on-site, as well as e-learning self-paced modules delivered 100% on-line.  Click here to learn more. . .
  •  As an owner of Universal-Certified remanufactured equipment, you’ll also have access to our MyUniversal website, which provides you with support documentation, quick & easy access for spare parts ordering and more. . .

               Become a satisfied Broome customer today!

Looking for that perfect machine or accessory, then give Broome Engineering a try?  We are your one-stop source for the very best and highest quality second-user electronics assembly equipment. We have a large inventory of equipment and peripherals, which is continually changing. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us to see how we can meet your needs.

Click here to learn more about Broome Engineering TODAY!