New 3D Solder Paste Inspection with Impressive Precision for High-Throughput SMT Production

We’re starting off the year 2021 with one of our many product innovations! The new 3D SPI solution from Viscom features new camera technology which we are combining with our systems S3088 ultra chrome and S3088 DT for single and dual-track operation. Our developers adapted the proven, successful XM camera technology to meet the special requirements of a very fast and high-precision solder paste inspection.

The new compact system meets the highest requirements for cycle times with an inspection speed of up to 90 cm²/s – while delivering absolutely perfect inspection results. Combining a 10-µm resolution with the four angled views results in shadow-free images, which is relevant for very small inspection areas. The extremely large inspection area of 4,000 µm makes it possible to use the Viscom 3D SPI beyond the standard inspection for special applications with extensive paste deposits.

The new S3088 ultra chrome SPI and the new S3088 DT SPI for dual-track operation inspect all quality criteria for printed pads, including volume, surface, height, offset, paste bridges and potential paste smearing.

Advantages at a glance

  • Shadow-free results thanks to four angled-view cameras
  • Compensation for PCB warping through integrated height tracking
  • Extremely wide field of view size: 58.2 mm x 58.2 mm
  • Very high inspection speed
  • Flexible transport concepts for longboard, FastFlow and dual track handling
  • vVision lets you quickly create inspection programs and makes verification very easy

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Optimized production processes with Viscom Quality Uplink

When it comes to networking for the SMT line in the context of Industry 4.0,  our new 3D SPI also offers the right interfaces for M2M communication and MES integration. The Viscom SPI enables extremely smart connections with the adjacent paste printer directly upstream and the automatic pick and place machines downstream. Taking into account the type and pad, the inspection system sends all measured values that are needed to carry out fast, automatic optimizations and adjustments of the print displacement, stencil cleaning cycles and placement offset.

We will also present the new 3D SPI solutions in our Viscom webinar series. The date will be published on our website soon.

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Torsten Pelzer

Vice President Sales

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